Friday, May 30, 2008

History: Bronx Stardust

History: Bronx Stardust
by Barie Fez-Barringten
As stardust is the particles in the environment so is Bronx Stardust about the bits and pieces that are falling from bigger bodies. These are the fragments of and left overs from main issues, bodies and lives of the times. These are the crumbs from the table where you can only imagine the weight, substance and ingredients of the main dish. The real story has already been lived, the real place is already remodeled and reconfigured so all that remains is the stardust left behind and un-noticed by the the ebb and flow of social forces. If these are the crumbs we can only wonder what was the meal. If this is the stardust what was the heavenly body. As scince gathers the strdust I have gathered my recolections of the details of time, place and a space labeled the Bronx.
My Parents Home
These were the early years; from the time I was born until student days at Pratt Institute. The sociological character of the neighborhoods I lived with my family was all urban.

Although I wanted to move to Long Island my mother refused. My father and brother were in agreement but my mother wanted to be in The City. The sub-urbs seemed a fatal exile that she detested.

Hoe, Home , Faile, Simpson and finally Holland Ave are where we moved instead of the sub-urbs because it was close to CCHS, had trees and a variety of European people.

My mother lived on Holland Avenue till she died in 1985. The move to Holland Ave. did change the culture of our family because it coincided with my high school days, my mother’s accelerated work schedule, and my father’s increased time with his new family.
But there was more , radio was replaced by television, the stage shows ceased, Italian, Greek music, etc. moved into the background in favor of modernism.

There was a mood which had a disdain for the past.

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